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$20 local
$25 shipped (in U.S.)
Lifetime Guarantee
on ALL parts except base

If any buttons, rings, panels, even magnets or screws break, I will replace them for free. I can attempt to repair the main body, but not fully replace it.

“Fidget Cube” adaptation
Clear ABS .25 mm resolution
Black ABS .1 mm resolution
Black TPU .25 mm resolution
Maze Panel
Flexible Buttons and Hard Toggle Buttons
“Bubblewrap” Panel
Knurled Spinning Rings, Angled Thumb Spin Ring, Large Flexible Button6 mm disc magnets included for resistance in rings
New panel module easily screws into your existing fidget cube by replacing the “bubblewrap” panel$25 local $30 shipped for both!


$7 Analog Stick Panel
($9 shipped)

Feels just like a controller, without all the bulk

Now comes with 3D printed super smooth and rubber-like joystick topper! Choose between glow-in-the-dark or black