No longer taking orders, just using this as a portfolio for the most part

These made-to-order prints vary on price,
but anything you see here costs 25$ or less

Custom designs offered:
We can draft, design, and prototype nearly anything you can imagine.
Ask me about consulting or creating your next project.

You can pick your:

  • Color/Material

    Black ABS, Natural ABS, Clear ABS, Wood PLA, White PLA, Black TPU (flexible) and more to come…

  • Detail/Size

    Between .1 mm and .3 mm layer resolution, and a maximum of 120mmx120mmx120mm per single part size, PLA can be super glued or epoxied together, ABS can be cold-welded with my custom acetone/methylethylketone solvent – this is the strongest bond without using fasteners

  • Paint/Finishing

    Custom fine-detailed acrylic or oil based paints, wood can be sanded, stained in any shade, and sealed for outdoor use or non-toxic food/body jewelry safe use, ABS can be treated with acetone vapor bath to give a flawless glossy finish without physically touching the model at all – this is the best detail I can achieve so far

“Copy Denture” Workflow Glazed and cured, absolutely no pumice, polish, lathe or steamer necessary
Transforming Pumpkin/TarantulaSprintRay Die and Model 2 Tan 100µm layer height
Custom Ouija Planchette SprintRay Die and Model 2 Grey 50µm layer height
Medallion from The Witcher 3Natural ABS .1 mm resolution, acetone vapor bathed
Medallion from The Witcher 3Wood PLA .3 mm resolution, sanded, stained, and sealed with outdoor polyurethane
Wall Mounted Voronoi Soap DishesBlack ABS .3 mm resolution
Oddish PlanterClear ABS .3 mm resolution, oil paints
Oddish Planter before paint
Removable Tray Soap DishBlack and Natural ABS .3 mm resolution, acetone bathed tray
Pokemon Go Gym KeychainsWhite PLA .3 mm resolution
Ram SkullBlack and Natural ABS .3 mm resolution, acetone bathed skull
Mini Skull and PentagramNatural ABS .3 mm resolution, acetone bath
Commissioned Cheshire Cat SpoonBlack ABS .1 mm resolution
1″ Owl Gauge EarringWood PLA .3 mm resolution, sanded
Non-toxic sealed
Commissioned 3/4″ Grateful Dead Gauge EarringWood PLA .3 mm resolution, sanded, stained, and non-toxic sealed
Commissioned EarringsWhite PLA .3 mm resolution
Commissioned Lapras KeychainNatural ABS .3 mm resolution, acetone vapor bath
Print-in-Place Small Parts DrawerBlack and Clear ABS .3 mm resolution, oil paints
Stackable and Convenient
Special Design, No Assembly Required
Fully Captive Rails on Top and Bottom